Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Falling hair - An Unheard of sure shot solution from Dr Rajiv Dixit

Hi Friends,

Many of us these days face issues with Falling hair, due to our lifestyle and Pollution. Thankfully I have been able to save myself from this. While I have learnt that it mostly happens because of body heat or acidic nature that we turn our body into by over drinking tea coffee and smilar acidic things.

Better life style would be - use of coconut and its water, and also more of tap water to keep body temperature normal during the day. Amla is of also great help.

But besides those well known measure i learnt of a very specific remedy for falling hair or baldness patterns from very renowned Late Dr Rajiv Dixit. An exemplary person for his grasp over subjects related to health and many more.

Here is the sure shot remedy (something i am talking of my personal experience)

You have to use Morning Saliva (which is assumed to be of tremendous use for the body, not something to be thrown out with morning gargle or brush)

When you sleep at nigh, wash your mouth and when you wake up use morning saliva to put on the root of hair which you think are getting weak, and as per him it may be put on bald areas to see hair growing in a fortnight or so.

It definitely worked for me for areas that i though were having less hair growth. Try this out, revert me for any more questions on this and also for the feedback, keep spreading the word and goodness in all possible ways, Yes this was the moto of Late Sh Dr Rajiv Dixit, refer to Youtube videos for more from Dr Dixit.

Loka Saamasta Sukhina Bhawantu.

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