Friday, July 25, 2014

Life's worthyness - Yes'es and the No's

Is it worth living ? A question  that occurred to me the other day while sitting idle. What if there was an escape route from this world, it came to me yes i will be very happy to grab that, i felt very ready to go to the world unknown, anything but not this the world i am living in.

All these sort of hopeless thoughts wandered my mind when there's nothing fundamentally wrong in my life, I am educated, intelligent (as others call), i find myself capable, i have good number of people who like my company, ppl of both sexes, i had a wonderful girl friend, my job pays well.

But i have the feeling that life is not worth living, crisis what it is generally called. I have seen an office life coach, she suggested some measures, find the conversation useful within limits. Nothing core had been addressed.

It was a serious question, when somebody is not intersted in living, I would say its the boredom, absence of exciting endeavors that probably is causing. Seems I have not been able to get enough peace , my space, seems i crave for lot of space for myslef. feels my space is envroached by the society inclusive of Parents and ofcourse the bullshit corporate world we have built.

So saying No to present life, is something that needs lot of pondering and urgent corrective actions. There on I have built a habit of keeping this check every now and then, This Life? Yes / No. A lot of times however the answer is coming No. But there is a silver lining here...

I was sitting at the roof of my house, place i frequently visit, and it was an awesome weather, awesome breeze....that breeze when it scratched with my face, body....Yes! came upon. that moment i was finding Life was helping search of the answers about worthiness of life...

Next day i took an off from office to see mom of a very close friend going through tough times, who's a very thoughful person himself....sure he would also say No to the life if asked this question...and i do know there will be a big ration ...more that half the world's population who would say No to the present only heightens the Seriusness of the question....what society have we buit up, we are building up...Life's purpose is happiness....what are we all busy doing shit stuff compromising the happiness??

As a general principle if means are too time taking and complicated you sure will loose the focus of the ends, this exactly seems to be the scenario with the world...while we have rising number of so called "qualified " people...intelligence is getting lost! intelligent world by no means can appear like this....Pollution, Traffic Jams, Noice, Violence, Rat Race, 9am-5pm Jails...all that crap....

Got carried away...anyways my idea now is to collect more of Yes moments...moments that make it worth living....i should soon have along holiday...long ravel, learn swimming, teat myself to the limits....reach point where life is a residual of only Yes'es by conscious choice....would need almighty's blessing for the same, i do believe in you i believe you are in me the way!!

Once you tell the universe your exact specification, thats how it responds, the image that i just found for my write up:

Very right Cambell.