Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Contribute to other's success stories | share your experiences with others

“If you breathe oxygen you have the responsibility to be a leader!! “

If you breathe oxygen you hold responsibility to upgrade everybody around you to be the better him.

We deliberately hold back growth of people that surround us because of our own insecurities, we want to be the sole winner, we don’t like to see winners around us. The scenario very much exists between friends, between boss and subordinates, between cousins and unfortunately sometimes between father and son.

We constantly keep creating mental boundaries in the minds of people for the same very reason of our own insecurities about lagging behind in the longer run if we guide this person today.
Harsh but a naked Truth!

An ideal person who is optimistic who is secure who is in harmony with himself would take the responsibility of providing the right direction, responsibility of guiding someone to the right track.
And anyway after you are gone you’ll not be remembered by how much you left, you’ll be remembered by how much you gave!
The best thing any one can give is right guidance and in Swami Vivekanand’s words spiritual guidance.

So my dear brothers wake up, stand up to the responsibilities, provide to the world all your experiences as a naked truth, Don’t Hold back! It will wither inside your mind, sharing will only nourish it further…

And please share the post, we want a society that cares and shares!

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