Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Falling hair - An Unheard of sure shot solution from Dr Rajiv Dixit

Hi Friends,

Many of us these days face issues with Falling hair, due to our lifestyle and Pollution. Thankfully I have been able to save myself from this. While I have learnt that it mostly happens because of body heat or acidic nature that we turn our body into by over drinking tea coffee and smilar acidic things.

Better life style would be - use of coconut and its water, and also more of tap water to keep body temperature normal during the day. Amla is of also great help.

But besides those well known measure i learnt of a very specific remedy for falling hair or baldness patterns from very renowned Late Dr Rajiv Dixit. An exemplary person for his grasp over subjects related to health and many more.

Here is the sure shot remedy (something i am talking of my personal experience)

You have to use Morning Saliva (which is assumed to be of tremendous use for the body, not something to be thrown out with morning gargle or brush)

When you sleep at nigh, wash your mouth and when you wake up use morning saliva to put on the root of hair which you think are getting weak, and as per him it may be put on bald areas to see hair growing in a fortnight or so.

It definitely worked for me for areas that i though were having less hair growth. Try this out, revert me for any more questions on this and also for the feedback, keep spreading the word and goodness in all possible ways, Yes this was the moto of Late Sh Dr Rajiv Dixit, refer to Youtube videos for more from Dr Dixit.

Loka Saamasta Sukhina Bhawantu.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Contribute to other's success stories | share your experiences with others

“If you breathe oxygen you have the responsibility to be a leader!! “

If you breathe oxygen you hold responsibility to upgrade everybody around you to be the better him.

We deliberately hold back growth of people that surround us because of our own insecurities, we want to be the sole winner, we don’t like to see winners around us. The scenario very much exists between friends, between boss and subordinates, between cousins and unfortunately sometimes between father and son.

We constantly keep creating mental boundaries in the minds of people for the same very reason of our own insecurities about lagging behind in the longer run if we guide this person today.
Harsh but a naked Truth!

An ideal person who is optimistic who is secure who is in harmony with himself would take the responsibility of providing the right direction, responsibility of guiding someone to the right track.
And anyway after you are gone you’ll not be remembered by how much you left, you’ll be remembered by how much you gave!
The best thing any one can give is right guidance and in Swami Vivekanand’s words spiritual guidance.

So my dear brothers wake up, stand up to the responsibilities, provide to the world all your experiences as a naked truth, Don’t Hold back! It will wither inside your mind, sharing will only nourish it further…

And please share the post, we want a society that cares and shares!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Life's worthyness - Yes'es and the No's

Is it worth living ? A question  that occurred to me the other day while sitting idle. What if there was an escape route from this world, it came to me yes i will be very happy to grab that, i felt very ready to go to the world unknown, anything but not this the world i am living in.

All these sort of hopeless thoughts wandered my mind when there's nothing fundamentally wrong in my life, I am educated, intelligent (as others call), i find myself capable, i have good number of people who like my company, ppl of both sexes, i had a wonderful girl friend, my job pays well.

But i have the feeling that life is not worth living, crisis what it is generally called. I have seen an office life coach, she suggested some measures, find the conversation useful within limits. Nothing core had been addressed.

It was a serious question, when somebody is not intersted in living, I would say its the boredom, absence of exciting endeavors that probably is causing. Seems I have not been able to get enough peace , my space, seems i crave for lot of space for myslef. feels my space is envroached by the society inclusive of Parents and ofcourse the bullshit corporate world we have built.

So saying No to present life, is something that needs lot of pondering and urgent corrective actions. There on I have built a habit of keeping this check every now and then, This Life? Yes / No. A lot of times however the answer is coming No. But there is a silver lining here...

I was sitting at the roof of my house, place i frequently visit, and it was an awesome weather, awesome breeze....that breeze when it scratched with my face, body....Yes! came upon. that moment i was finding Life was helping search of the answers about worthiness of life...

Next day i took an off from office to see mom of a very close friend going through tough times, who's a very thoughful person himself....sure he would also say No to the life if asked this question...and i do know there will be a big ration ...more that half the world's population who would say No to the present only heightens the Seriusness of the question....what society have we buit up, we are building up...Life's purpose is happiness....what are we all busy doing shit stuff compromising the happiness??

As a general principle if means are too time taking and complicated you sure will loose the focus of the ends, this exactly seems to be the scenario with the world...while we have rising number of so called "qualified " people...intelligence is getting lost! intelligent world by no means can appear like this....Pollution, Traffic Jams, Noice, Violence, Rat Race, 9am-5pm Jails...all that crap....

Got carried away...anyways my idea now is to collect more of Yes moments...moments that make it worth living....i should soon have along holiday...long ravel, learn swimming, teat myself to the limits....reach point where life is a residual of only Yes'es by conscious choice....would need almighty's blessing for the same, i do believe in you i believe you are in me the way!!

Once you tell the universe your exact specification, thats how it responds, the image that i just found for my write up:

Very right Cambell.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Silence of the Body | Of the Mind | Of the Heart | and "Turiya" the fourth!

Sixth Sense :
That sixth sense, in the East, is called “the third eye.” It looks inwards. And just as there is a way of looking in, so there is a way of hearing in, so there is a way of smelling in. Just as there are five senses moving outward, there are five counter-senses moving inward. In all, man has ten senses, but the first sense that starts the inner journey is the third eye, and then other senses start opening up.

Where Mind cannot Reach :
Your inner world has its own taste, has its own fragrance, has its own light. And it is utterly silent, immensely silent, eternally silent. There has never been any noise, and there will never be any noise. No word can reach there, but you can reach. The mind cannot reach there, but you can reach because you are not the mind. The function of the mind is again to be a bridge between you and the objective world, and the function of the heart is to be a bridge between you and yourself.

Silence of the heart:
The silence that I have been talking about is the silence of the heart. It is a song in itself, without words and without sounds. It is only out of this silence that the flowers of love grow. It is this silence that becomes the Garden of Eden. Meditation, and only meditation, is the key to open the doors of your own being.
You are asking, “A while ago you said something about silence which startled me in my sleepiness. I had simply thought of it as just an absence—an absence of noises. But you were saying it had positive qualities, a positive sound. And in my meditations, I have noticed a distinction between a silence in my body and a silence in my mind.”

Your experiences are true. The body knows its own silence—that is its own well-being, its own overflowing health, its own joy. The mind also knows its silence, when all thoughts disappear and the sky is without any clouds, just a pure space. But the silence I am talking about is far deeper.
I am talking about the silence of your being.

These silences that you are talking about can be disturbed. Sickness can disturb the silence of your body, and death is certainly going to disturb it. A single thought can disturb the silence of your mind, the way a small pebble thrown into the silent lake is enough to create thousands of ripples, and the lake is no longer silent. The silence of the body and the mind are very fragile and very superficial, but in themselves they are good. To experience them is helpful, because it indicates that there may be even deeper silences of the heart.
And the day you experience the silence of the heart, it will be again an arrow of longing, moving you even deeper.

Your very center of being is the center of a cyclone. Whatever happens around it does not affect it; it is eternal silence. Days come and go, years come and go, ages come and pass, lives come and go, but the eternal silence of your being remains exactly the same – the same soundless music, the same fragrance of godliness, the same transcendence from all that is mortal, from all that is momentary.
It is not your silence.

You are it.

Even your presence will be a disturbance:
It is not something in your possession; you are possessed by it, and that’s the greatness of it. Even you are not there, because even your presence will be a disturbance. The silence is so profound that there is nobody, not even you. And this silence brings truth, and love, and thousands of other blessings to you. This is the search, this is the longing of all the hearts, of all those who have a little intelligence.

But remember, don’t get lost in the silence of the body, or the silence of the mind, or even the silence of the heart. Beyond these three is the fourth. We, in the East, have called it simply “the fourth,” turiya. We have not given it any name. Instead of a name we have given it a number, because it comes after three silences — of the body, of the mind, of the heart—and beyond it, there is nothing else to be found.
So, don’t misunderstand. Most of the people… for example, there are people who are practicing yoga exercises. Yoga exercises give a silence of the body, and they are stuck there. Their whole life, they practice, but they know only the most superficial silence. Then there are people who are doing concentrations like transcendental meditation, of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It can give you a silence which will be only of the mind. Just by repeating a name or a mantra… the very repetition creates in its wake, a silence in the mind. But it is not meditation, and it is not transcendental.

And there are Sufis who know the third, which is the deepest of the three. But still it is not the goal, the target; your arrow is still falling short. It is very deep because Sufis know the heart more than anybody else. For centuries they have been working on the heart, just as yogis have been working on the body, and people of concentration and contemplation have been working on the mind.

The Sufis know the immense beauty of love. They radiate love, but still the home has not been reached. You have to remember the fourth. Unless you reach the fourth, continue the journey.

People misunderstand very easily. Just a little bit of experience and they think they have arrived. And mind is very clever to rationalize.

There is a Sufi story about Mulla Nasruddin. The Mulla hears a commotion in the street outside his house in the middle of the night. His wife tells him to go down, and after many arguments he puts a blanket on his shoulders and goes down to the street. There were many people in the street and a lot of noise, and in the crowd somebody steals his blanket.

The Mulla goes home naked, and his wife asks him, “What was that all about?” The Mulla says, “It seems to be about my blanket, because as they got the blanket they all disappeared. They were just waiting for the blanket. And I was telling you `Don’t force me to go there.’ Now I have lost my blanket and I have come naked. It was none of our business.”

He has found a rationalization, and it looks logical, that as they got his blanket they all disappeared. And the poor Mulla thinking that perhaps that was the whole problem….
“Their argument and their noise just in front of my house in the middle of the night, and my foolish wife persuaded me finally to lose my blanket!”

Mind is continuously rationalizing, and sometimes it may appear that what it is saying is right, because it gives arguments for it. But one has to beware of one’s own mind, because in this world nobody can cheat you more than your own mind. Your greatest enemy is within you, just as your greatest friend is also within you.
The greatest enemy is just your first encounter, and your greatest friend is going to be your last encounter–so don’t be prevented by any experience of the body or the mind or the heart. Remember always one of the famous statements of Gautam Buddha. He used to conclude his sermons every day with the same two words, charaiveti, charaiveti.” Those two simple words—just one word repeated twice—means “Don’t stop; go on, go on.”
Never stop until the road ends, until there is nowhere else to go—charaiveti, charaiveti.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Charaiveti Charaiveti - March along! :Aitareya Upanishad

"Charanbai madhu vindati charantsvadu mudambaram.
Suryasya pasya sreemanam yo na tandrayate charan.
Charaiveti, charaiveti."

Aitareya Upanishad, 7.15

["The honey bee, by its motion, collects honey, and birds enjoy tasty fruits by constant movement. The sun is revered, by virtue of its constant shining movement; therefore, one should be constantly in motion. Keep moving, keep moving on!"]

चरैवेति! चरैवेति!